Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to 2 AmAzInGs!!

This is going to be a really quick post because I don't have much time, I will do a better update and entry on Wednesday. However I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my older and incredible sister Breeann and also my amazing husband (who share the same birthday)!! Breeann is the most amazing person that you will ever meet in your life. All growing up I wanted to be just like my older sister. I have always looked up to her and continue to look up to her today. Bree is married and lives in Florida while my brother in law is in law school. She has two of the most precious and gorgeous babies in the world, Sophie and M.J. I absolutely miss them like crazy and love them so much! I love you Bree, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!! I am so proud of you and wish that I could be half the person you are. I love you so much and wish you were here!! Happy Birthday Sis!! I love you! xoxoxxo

Now, it also happens to be my husbands birthday today!! Corey is turning 23!!! Corey is my absolute everything. He is my #1, my biggest fan, my prince charming, and my knight in shining armor. Without him I am totally and completely lost. I am truly the luckiest girl and wife in the entire world. I still don't know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing husband and best friend. I can honestly say that I fell in love with Corey the first time that he kissed me, which just happened to be on our 3rd date. I knew that night when he kissed me that I was going to marry Corey Jacob Hansen, I wanted to spend eternity with him, I wanted to be Mrs. Hansen. Luckily that happened and our journey of dating to marriage and now being married almost a year has been absolutely incredible. I wouldn't change one second of our lives together. Corey is my rock, he is the person I go to for absolutely everything. He knows how to keep me calm and how to comfort me, he also knows just what to do to push all of my buttons and thinks he is so funny when he does. Unfortunately even when he does push the buttons I seriously cannot be mad at him, he thinks that is funny as well. Corey is the hardest worker that you will ever meet, he has the strongest testimony of the gospel and is an absolute rock in it. He is my #1 and HeRo!!. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have Corey and to be honest I don't even want to know. Life is so much better with him, it is better than I ever thought or could even imagine life would be. So HaPpY BiRtHdAy babe!! I love you so much!! Thank you for everything and for letting me be your wife. Thank you for always being patient with me and loving me unconditionally!! I love you more than you will ever know!! I love you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Geezie and Vegas!!

This past weekend Corey and I went down to St. George for Brons (my little bros) baseball tournament. We drove down Friday right after work, watched 2 of games that night, and we didn't get back to where we were staying until 1:30 am ya it was a long day. We did however have quite the adventure on our way down to St. Geezie (as our family calls it.) We were just out side of Cedar City and it was dark when all of a sudden we saw a huge puddle of blood in our lane on the road and before we could do anything or switch lanes we ran right over the top of an already dead deer. It was quite the jump that the good old saturn made. We couldn't believe it. The deer had obviously been hit maybe an hour or so before we decided to run over it again. So when we got to St. George we examined the car to see the damages. What we found was blood on the left side of the car and deer meat and hair all underneath the car. Ya not gonna lie it kind of grossed me out a little, beside that no other damages, which is to be expected with the Saturn she is a gem of a car! :) On Saturday me, Corey, and our good friend Austin Miller drove down and spent to day in Vegas. We did what most LDS people do and can do which is um......walk the strip!!haha. It was a ton of fun. Me and Corey rode the New York New York rollercoater. My dear friend Austin didn't accompany us on that one due to motion sickness but he was there is spirit ahah love you Austy!! Our main purpose for going down to Vegas however was because if you know my husband he is an absolutely HuGe BuFfEt fan. And who has better buffets than Vegas. So for part of my amazing hubby's birthday gift (which is actually next week the 29th) I decided that I would take him the Rio's buffet. Corey and I have been married for almost a year now so I know how much he can eat, however I can honestly say I have never in my life ever seen someone who ate as much as him. He just kept coming back with more and more food with every plate, truly impressive. I think the final count of plates eaten by Corey Jacob Hansen was atleast 8. Yeah he is pretty much a bottomless pit. I pray everyday that I don't have a ton of boys because we will be poverty stricken just by trying to feed and keep them full haha. On Sunday before we drove home we went with my family and visited the historical church site, the home of Jacob Hamblin. It was actually really interesting and fun. All growing up my dad always wanted to stop and see historical sites because he is a huge history buff. Well all of us kids would always vote against stopping to see the sites, saying that they were all the same. Even though this frustrated my dad most of the time us kids would win and we could just press forward and go home. I think that now there are only 3 kids left at home now, my dad doesn't really give them a choice and they don't really have a say in what sites they do and don't want see. I truly am so sorry Brae, Kell, and Brons!! :)......just for my sibilings I'm going to say one spot that always seemed to be or wanted to be visited by our incredible father....COVEFORT!!! It was such a fun weekend and a nice little getaway for me and Corey and to also spend some time with my family. It was also fun to get to see and spend time with our friend Austin. Austin will actually be graduating this December from Dixie, with his associates degree and his RN license! We are so proud of you Austin and are so grateful for the friendship that we have, love ya!! Thank you to my family for letting us come down and join you! Good job pitching Beyons your the best!! (3-1) Getting ready to head back home!

The Rio.......BUFFET any one??

Me and our friend Austin! (Austins last name is Miller)

A kiss on the cheek before we enjoy the buffet

Corey and Austin

Okay so the reason for this picture! My family will laugh and now exactly what I'm talking about. So when my family was younger we would go down to Mesquite with our neighbors and good friends the Millers. Of course we would always go to the Oasis buffet, which unfortunately doens't exist anymore. So as were would walk in the casino to get to the buffet us kids would always see and hear people walking around saying "Keno" We were all confused so we asked my dad. "dad who is Keno" Well my dad made up this huge story about this little boy who was lost and so they would walk around saying his name so that they might be able to find him. Of course we all believed that story, so the next time we went we were all confused and wondering why "Keno" was still gone and missing and if we should try to help find "Keno"

Me and Corey in front of a fountain.

This guy was so cool. He was on the strip in Vegas and he seriously looked like he was a statue. In front of this guy he had a bucket that said "show the bucket some love" were people would put there money in. So Austin decided he would throw some change in to see what would happen. As soon as Austin threw the change in the guy like came to life and started moving all robotic. It was really cool to watch him, he was really good!

Me and my hubby again!

Corey loves the dill pickled sunflower seeds, obviously. Yes that is a Sobe bottle filled with Corey's sunflower seed shells. All of this was accumulated just on our drive home.

corey with his bottle of seed shells

The Jacob Hamblin Home

The fam!

Me by the wagon

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ice Fishing!!

It is true, I..Brittnee Hansen went IcE fIsHiNg for the 1st time ever. It was quite the experience and to be completely honest it was a lot of fun. I was really excited to go, but to be honest I think that Corey might have been a little bit (or a ton) more excited. He honestly was so pumped for me to go ice fishing for the first time. Corey loves watching me do and try new things, it makes him so happy, which is absolutely great! And lets just say ice fishing is definitely a new thing for me. Me and Corey are complete opposites, Corey grew up hunting, fishing, camping, go kart racing, etc. I grew up dancing, cheering, playing tennis, and vacationing to warm spots/disneyland, camping "Barron" style, (meaning hotels). Totally different from the Hansen way of life. So for me to go out in the freezing cold weather and stand on a frozen lake to hope and pray that a fish bites at my pole is truly and accomplishment, and I loved every minute of it. My clothing apparel went as follows, capri garment bottoms (corey calls them grandma garments), two pairs of socks, sweats, Coreys gray snowboarding pants, a long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, big coat, gloves, and a pair of papas boots (which were a little big but all is well.) Super Sexy, I know! Now I will say I don't think my husband has every told me how hot, and what an amazing wife I am as many times as he did that day haha. Oh ya and did I mention that I was the only girl who was going on the ice fishing trip to Scoffield?? Um ya I was, I would be accompanied by my hot husband, papa, my brother in law Shad, Corey's cousin Clint and his 2 boys Austin, and Nate! So as we are leaving my in-laws house to go on our adventure, my sweet charming husband comes up and says "You ready Britton." Ya Corey is a bit of a smart A! haha. He did make up for it however when he ran in to Macey's to get some drinks and came out with a bag of Cadbury eggs for me, asking "does this make up for calling you Britton??" Well of course it did and we were off to our destination! So I'm not gonna lie that is was a little bit scary walking across a frozen lake. I kept picturing myself falling through the ice and getting hypothermia, ya a tragedy, luckily nothing like that happened. As soon as we got set up with our holes dug and our poles ready a blizzard came!! It was snowing like crazy and windy and freezing!! It took the entire drive home for my hands and feet to unthaw. Even though it was cold and we didn't catch a single fish, this trip was so fun and so so worth it!! A great first (and possibly last) time ice fishing haha!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Surprises!

I love when I come home from a long day of work and walk in the door to find BeAuTiFuL rOsEs on my kitchen table, with a sweet note from the most incredible husband in the world (mine :) ) Last week I came home to this surprise. Corey has been working up in fruitland for the past 2 weeks and he has been getting home late unfortunately. Well last Thursday he was supposed to got up to Fruitland again, but ended up not having too. So he got off work early and decided to surprise me with roses, it was so great to first of all see my husband before 9:30 at night but second of all to come home to such a great and meaningful gift.It is these kind of sweet surprises that make everything that I personally, and that we go through in life so worth it. I read somewhere once a saying that said, "don't forget the small things in life, because you might look back one day and realize that they were the BIG things!" I love this saying, it is so true and I think a lot of time we look over the small things hoping for the big things. Then by doing this we miss out on so many things that are so important and will one day mean the most. I am so grateful for my husband and for the man that he is! I love him so much, he is my anchor and I don't know where I would be without him. Thank you so much babe you are the greatest! I love you!! You're the BEST!!! :)