Monday, September 28, 2009


Okay yes I know that I have been absolutley terrible at updating my blog, but honestly I have had absolutely no time. Life for Corey and I has been so crazy but absolutely amazing at the same time. So my dear cousing Whitney her is an update and i promise from now on i will be better!! :)
Like I said Corey and I have been so busy and life is just crazy. We are in the process of building our 1st home! :) I could not be more excited about it. We will be living in Saratoga Springs and our house should be finished by Thanksgiving!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving present.....and christmas, and valentines, and birthday and anniversary present.... haha. No but for reals! It has been really fun building a house and at the same time so very stressful. It doesn't help that I am kind of a visual person, good thing my husband is amazing and knows his stuff (especially construction) so he can explain everything to me and where everything and what everything is and is going to be. (even then i still have a hard time) I guess I will just have to wait to see the finished product! :) So let me tell you the difference between my husband and me as we are building this house. Corey stresses over the framing and if everything is straight and sturdy, I stress over the paint, tile, and carpet. Corey understands everything and can picture everything. Brittnee understands hardly anything and doesn't picture anything (thanks mom, I get it from you.) I want to go and see the house every day, and Coreys reply with a chuckle and big smile on his face "its just another house babe". UMMMM NO its not, its "our house" he just doesn't understand. haha. I am glad that Corey has a lot of patience, because I know that I definitely try them! Thanks babe love you so much!
It has now been just over a month since my amazing older sister and her family (my babies as i call them) have moved to Miami. I miss them so much but this is such a great opportunity for their little family. My brother in law Mike is in law school and absolutely loving it. I am sure he is doing great and will be a fabulous lawyer one day! But i do wish that the babies couldve stayed :) I seriously have the cutest niece and nephew ever. I miss you guys and I love you all so much!! I can't wait to see you at Christmas! :)
Well that is all for now, I've gotta go put some corn bread in the oven :) but i will keep you updated and I will get some pictures up ASAP!