Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes, I realize that it has been over a year since I have blogged anything and that I am a terrible blogger  however, I really am going to try to be better.  Life has been quite the roller coaster lately but has also been so exciting.  Corey and I have a big announcement, incase you missed the title of our blog. 
We are expecting our little girl, Hallee Renee Hansen, September 20th! We could not be more excited or feel and be more blessed.  Although Corey was hoping for a little buddy that he could take hunting and fishing, he is very excited to be wrapped around the finger of his baby girl, which he will be.  He himself has even admitted to that.  I am 24 weeks with 16 weeks to go and I feel like it can't come soon enough.  As soon as we found out that it was a girl and that her measurments and everything showed that she is an absolutely perfect healthy baby all I could think about what was just getting her here. Our pregnancy story starts back the beginning of February.  I had missed my blessed time of the month in January and was coming up on being late for February.  I had noticed that I was really tired and just didn't feel very good plus my chest was more than sore and tender but I was kind of in denial not wanting to get my hopes up.  Corey kept asking me if I thought I was pregnant and I just kept answering I didn't know.  I wanted to take a test but was just nervous to see a big negative.  Finally Corey said "britt I know you are pregnant will you just take a test."  So at 5:00 in the morning while Corey was sleeping I got up took a test and was an instant double line and POSITIVE!!  They usually say that you are supposed to wait 2 minutes for the result, well I didn't have to wait 2 seconds.  It was so exciting and at the same time unreal.  I went back into bed and layed there for about 45 minutes thinking of how I could tell Corey, what cute way could I let him know he was gonna be a daddy.  Finally the excitment got to me so I rolled over and woke him up.  I started out by telling him that we really needed to talk, I then asked him if he really was ready to have kids and wanted to be a dad.  He looked at me and said "yes, I promise, why are you pregnant" with a big smile on his face. That morning would also bring my first of many morning throw ups and the nauseation all day long.  Yes unfortunatley I was sick for the first 16-17 weeks.  I don't know who it was worse for me or poor Corey having to deal with an emotional sick wife.  Luckily and thankfully I am over the sickness, but still has my emotional days and moments.  Yes I watched that "Last Song", "The Vow" and even "World Trade Center" and bawled my eyes out and when Corey asked why I was crying all I could answer was "I don't know, because I'm pregnant."  It was so fun to go to our first appt. on February 15th and see that there really was a little baby in there.  Corey always makes fun of me because I did take another pregnancy test before our appointment. Then came our 2nd appt. and being able to hear her heart beat.  It was truly amazing and a comfort to be able to hear her little heart beat like what seemed a 100 beats a second, and to hear Dr. Lameroux say to Corey "dude that is your baby." Then was the 3rd where we heard her heart beat again.  Then came the appointment we had been waiting for.  For about 2 weeks before our appointment Corey would ask me everyday if I thought it was a boy or girl.  I can honestly say that at that point I knew it was a little girl.  So I would tell him and sure enough the next day Corey would ask if I still thought it was a girl. A few days before our appointment Corey then confessed that he really thought that it was a girl as well, it took him having 2 dreams that it was a girl to finally convice him.  He no longer was saying that he was just telling himself it was a girl so that if it was he wouldn't be to disappointed.  Well the big day came and Dr. Bean did all of the measurements which were perfect, she was 15 oz,, and in the 42nd percentile, with a perfect and beautiful profile and she is already a little thumb sucker.  Then came the moment of truth it was......a GIRL!  It finally all seemed real.  I was having a baby, but not just a baby or an it, we were having a little girl.  Dr. Bean is and was so great, we just love him.  The first thing that Corey said when we got home was "Oh my gosh babe what am I going to do when she turns 16 and wants to date?  I don't think I am going to be able to let her, aren't you nervous for that?"  I loved it and just started laughing.  I asked him if I could just have her first and get her through elementary school and junior high and then worry about that. I love being pregnant! I love that for a little over a month I've been able to feel this baby girl seriously flipping, and moving like crazy in my belly.  I love when Corey puts his hands on my belly and can feel her move and when he says that he loves that my belly is getting bigger (he has been trained well.)  I love that he says, like the nurses, that its great i've put on weight because it  means I'm making a big healthy baby. I seriously asked if the scale was broken and if that weight was a joke at my last Dr.'s appt.  I love that my garment tops are now all getting to small because my belly and lets be honest chest just keep getting larger.  I love that after I eat I seriously feel like I can hardly breathe.  I love that it is getting harder to just bend over and I have had to start squatting down to get things.  I love when I am at work and I catch my patients parents looking at my belly and can see that they want to ask if I am pregnant.  And the braves ones who do ask are so excited for me and then quickly ask and make sure that I am coming back to work after I have her.  I love that my mom has already decided to call her and does call her "Her Royal Highness"  because of her initials and yes she is going to be a princess......don't tell Corey I said that though :).  I already know that she is going to be a daddy's girl and stubborn just like her daddy.  We are both so excited and grateful to be able to bring one of our Heavenly Fathers beautiful little girls into the world.  It is amazing and a little scary to know the responsibility coming our way of raising our baby girl and the unconditional love that we already have for her and she isn't even here yet.  I am so grateful for the amazing mom that I have and for her example of being a perfect mom.  I hope and pray that I can be even half the mom to Hallee as my mom was to me. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emergency Room!

Yep, that is right, Corey and I made our first trip to the ER as a married couple and you bet it would be the week of Christmas!! Lets just say "that's UnBeLiEvEaBlE" My dear husband was trying to be so great and snow blow our drive way. Well the snow blower is a little bit older and because of the rain it got clogged. So Corey put the blower in neutral, (first mistake of not just turning it off) got a pair of pliers and then went to work chopping at the blower. Well as husband is working the blower decides to put itself into gear flinging and pushing the pliers right up through the palm of his hand. Does that stop Corey?? he decides to go down and back just one more time when he gets back into the light he notices that it's probably not a good thing to be able to see all of your muscles and tendons in your hand. So I hear him come in the house and with a few choice words that won't be said........ he calmly walks into the bedroom and says "babe can you take me to the hospital" I do have to say that I am extremely proud of myself because I didn't freak out at all (okay so inside I was dying but that is okay, alright and I did cry on the way home but can you blame me??). I of course am in my sweats so i grab my boots put them on and say "okay" Needless to say we were the only ones in the ER but were there for a good 2 solid hours.....once again unbelieveable.....they put 14 stitches 4 or 5 of which are internal, the rest on the outside. I have never seen anything so deep in my entire life and the Dr. was extremely impressed as well. We are scheduled to go so a plastic surgeon/hand specialist tomorrow to make sure there is no nerve or tendon damage. What a wonderful Christmas for the both of us and thank heavens for health insurance. I will say that I am truly grateful that it was just his hand as bad as it sounds but it could have been a lot worse. I think that Corey has definitely learned his lesson, and he promised me driving home that he will never do that again and he will turn the blower off first!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My AmAzInG mOm!

I have the most incredible and amazing mom in the entire world! I am told pretty much by everyone that I am my mom's twin and act just like her....Corey is convinced that I am my mom's clone. The truth is that my mom is much prettier and better than I am, but I will not complain to be told that I am just like her, it is the greatest compliment in the world! My mom is my best friend and always has been! She was always there when I would come home from school, cheer, or work to scoop me up if something had happened or if I had a break down she was always there. Well somethings don't change, like my mom, because she is still there for all of my many breakdowns and is the shoulder for me to cry on. My goal has always been to be just like my mom. I have always said if I could be half the mom to my kids that my mom has been to me then i would consider myself pretty much perfect. You will never meet a more Christ like and selfless person than my mom. She is truly an angel sent from above and I"ve been the lucky one who gets to call her mom! I can't even count the number of nights that she stayed up with us kids because we were sick, or we were out on a date or at a basketball or football game either cheering or playing in it. No matter how many times or how many of us were sick mom never ever complained or seemed to get sick. Who could forget all the nights that us kids went to bed with a half finished school project and when we came down for breakfast it was completely done and a masterpiece!! Mom thank you for everything! You are the most amazing woman that i know and i am so blessed and grateful that I am your daughter. Thank you for choosing to be my mom and loving unconditionally. Thank you for never getting tired of me watching Beauty and the Beast everyday. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. Thank you for always comforting me with whatever drama was going on that day or week. Thank you for raising me in the gospel and being the perfect example of what and how a mom should be. Thank you for always saying guilty until proven know what i am talking about! Thank you for being worthy to be in the temple with me when i was sealed to the love of my life for time and all eternity, I will never forget the experience we had while in the brides room of the temple! I am so proud to be your daughter mom and I love you so much!! Happy Birfday!!
I Love you,
Britt, Belle, your favorite 2nd brown haired daughter, angel doll!
Birthday girl!


still so in love!

me, corey, brae, and champ

Kell and Brons

So we went to Texas Roadhouse for moms birthday and so she was the lucky enough to ride the Birthday saddle. The best thing about this picture is dad's face. I don't know who was more embarassed, my mom or him.

Gwama Renee

Me and mom, a little dark, you decide if we look a like!

Oh ChRiStMaS tReE!!

This is Corey and I's first Christmas Tree!! Shocking I know since we moved into our house Christmas Eve last year, however this is our first and REAL Christmas tree. Growing up I had a fake tree, but Corey grew up having real fresh tree's so therefore we have a real tree! I am not going to lie at first i was really nervous about getting a real tree because my luck the poor little guy would die right before Christmas. I am proud to say that we have almost had our tree for a month and there is no sign of it dying any time soon :). The funnest part of the whole tree is that we went with Corey's parents and cut it down ourselves, my first time ever!! We drove up Spanish Canyon at a sight called Dairy.....something ahah i don't remember the name to get our tree's. Our tree stands about 6 ft. tall maybe just a little over 6 ft. Mom and Papa's tree that they cut down stands a little shorter at 16 ft. Yup that is right they cut a 16 foot tree down! The thing is freaking huge a BeAsT, literally! I have never seen a bigger tree besides the huge tree in New York! It was quite the adventure trying to cut this little tree down for mom and papa! But with good stradegy and planning Corey and Kent were able to get it down, no sweat.......
Our little tree all decorated! It is obviously cutter when all the lights are out! :)

Papa and his tree cutter pose! Love him!

Me and Core with our tree


"How the heck do we cut this thing?"

Corey cutting our tree!

We're ALIVE!!

Yes, we are alive. After recieving mutiple phone calls from my dear sweet cousin Whitney Denise telling me that I was "officially fired from blogging". Then my amazing sister Breeann telling me that I am lame and she is tired of seeing Bridal Veil Falls as my most recent post, I decided that maybe it was time to do a blog update hahaha! Life as been so crazy that it's been hard to find the time to blog. I will say that I have missed it however and so I am turning over a new leave and I am going to be better about keeping my blog up to date. So this post is mainly going to be just pictures of the FuN sUmMeR that Corey and I had and what we have been up to the past 6 months! I am going to pick up were I left off, so Bree don't kill me but, this will be the last time you see bridal veil falls, these are just some pics we took while up there. Our summer was filled with fun activites: Powell, Florida, Camping, Fishing, Swimming, and Holiday!!

The words written above me are "LOVE SHACK"

driving to the falls

RoDeO's my best friend the new Mrs. Shaylee Johnson at the Lehi rodeo watchin her man Ryley.

me and corey, corey has seeds in his mouth.....of course

Sha, mom, and papa

lEhI rOdEo

the other men of my life

momma,brae, me, and super model kell in the back

4th of JuLy!!

"Stadium DeSirE"

swimming at the Zermatt

hot momma's.. auntie kim, brae, me and mom

Lake Powell!
What can I say about lake powell beside that I LOVE IT and that we had so much FuN! This year we had Dee, Bud and Tara, and Amber (the hobbs) come to Powell with us. We had so much fun, too much fun actually. Many, many memories were made and lots and lots of laughs were shared. From tubing, to wake boarding, to knee boarding, to the best part SkInNy DiPpIn and everything that happened while skinny dipping :) (you girls know what i mean...."mom get in the water"... and who could foget mom's "pOsE" hahah) We also had quite the fun drive home, especially when Shad and Nat's timing belt broke in there car while we were in the middle of no wear!. So question....How many people can you fit in a DuRmAx?...... Answer: 7 adults! Thanks so much mom and papa for the fun trip! We love you so much!!

The powell gang!

knee boarding ( got up on my first try....very proud husband :) )

after Corey pulled my strap off

Core wake boarding

LoVe this

papa's crash!

mom and papa

the boys tubing, Bud, Corey, and Shad

Sha, Amber, and me

nO hAnDs

WeLcOmE tO mIaMi!!

This summer us sisters and our wonderful Aunt Verdalee were lucky enough to fly out to Florida to visit Bree and my babies!! We got to be there for 5 days, 5 days that went by way to fast! We went to the pool every single day and visited the beach a couple of times! It was so great to see how brave Sophie and M.J. were. They have absolutely no fear of water.....which to be honest i'm not to sure if that is a good thing or not. I absolutely loved the late nights, the talks and the stories and memories that we made while we were there. We had activities that we did every single day so pretty much it was none stop fun. Bree, me and brae got up every day and did our "BrAzIl BuTt LiFt" every morning :). My brother in law was nice enough to go to the store and buy us a bunch of our favorite treats, that we didn't even touch......ya right, lets be honest we ate em all, and we definitely didn't need them. We had so much fun and it was so hard to leave but I am thrilled to see them in February!! Now I have to say that I have the most AMAZING older sister in the entire world. I wish I could be just like her. She has gone through big hard things in her life this past year and she is still the strongest person, if not even stronger now, that i have ever met. She is so forgiving and has the strongest testimony of the gospel. She is such an incredible mom and wife. Her husband is the luckiest man in the world because he has her, and her babies have an absolutely beautiful angel for a mom. Bree I hope you know how much I love you and how much I look up to you. I have looked up to you my entire life and always wanted to be just like you, even if you were rude and told me to go home after i had rode my bike all the way to Britney Gilles house to play with you :). You are truly amazing and I miss you like crazy! I love you! I have to also thank my Aunt Verdalee who made it possible for us to go on this trip. Thanks so much Aunt Verd!
champ-i-one and soph troph in the ocean

BeSt GiRl

M.J. after Kell had him try a lemon....the face says it all!

Sophie is quite the swimmer and has beautiful diving technique :)

This kid has no fear!

All of us at the pool!

One night we went to the Melting Pot for dessert, thanks to aunt verdalee, as you can tell M.J. truly enjoyed it along with the rest of us! Thank you aunt verdalee!

Bree and Mike! I love this picture of them! We love you guys so freakin gmuch and miss you like crazy. Can't wait til FeBrUaRy!!

The most amazing older sister, example, and role model in the world!
don't ask hahah

Our Gap bargain, matching sister dresses, and don't forget our precious ponies in the corner posing with us!

We went camping out to Flaming Gorge this year cause Robin drew out for an elk tag! Our camping adventure all started when Corey and I got totally and completely lost trying to find our camp site. This was no little detour it was about a 2 hour detour all because we took one turn to early, it was definitely a drive we will never forget about. Thankfully the Lord was watching out for us and gave us just enough time and phone service to call papa and figure out where the heck we were. When we finally arrived to our destination we had a bunch of fun waking up early scouting out elk, fishing, havin a fire, playing games and messin around on the four wheelers.
Papa's HUGE fish!

BaBy ShAdOw!!

okay so we look disgusting, well atleast i do, but we were camping so whateve, don't judge

my lil fish
G000000000000 COUGARS!
mEmOrIaL dAy!
For memorial day this year we had my family come over to our house out in Saratoga. The boys played tennis and us girls went roller blading. The boys then went and played disk golf while us girls made lunch and cleaned up. After lunch we went out shooting!

boys played tennis while us girls went blading.....obviously no blading pictures will be posted! :)

who could resist this! Barron girls with guns!
unfortunately dad got a flat while trying to find a spot for shooting. The story with this.......Mom and dad pulled up behind Corey and I. Corey jumped out and you could hear the air leaking out of the tire. So my amazing husband calmly and collectively says, "Oh hey you got a flat tire so just pull right here so we can change it". My parents just laughed at how calm Corey was like it was no big deal. I am so grateful that I married such a handy man! :)


my two favorite older and younger brothers in the entire world!

this is a huge step for my older bro. If you don't know my brother he doesn't do anything and i mean ANYTHING dangerous or anything that you might get hurt doing. So to see him riding Core's pit bike was honestly a "BIG DEAL" Just like he likes to think he is! haha jk bro you know i love you!

CaVeMaN FoOtBaLl!!
My little brother Bronson is probably the most talented Barron child my parents have. He is an amazing pitcher and quarter back that led his football team to an undefeated season and to become the 5th grade football ChAmPiOnS! Now obviously they could have done it without the most incredible and dedicated head coach, Coach Barron! :) My dad is honestly the best coach and dad that you will ever meet. He'll take any team and make them champions and make every single player feel like they are important! I love you both so much and CONGRATS!

pRoUd parents and HEAD coach of the MVP

Brons in action!

I am truly so blessed to have been raised by such amazing parents! I have the best dad in the world and an angel and saint for a mom. My dad is a man who has always taught me to put the lord first and showed me how to do it by his example. A man who has always fulfilled all his callings and priesthood responsabilities. A man who always taught me to do my best and give my 110% anything less than that was unexceptable, because i was a BARRON. A man who has always and continues to support and provide for his family, and putting his personal wants and needs aside to do so if necessary. My dad is the most honest, loyal, trustworthy, selfless, hard working, loveing and good looking man you'll every meet. Dad Thank you so much for always protecting, loving, providing, teaching, and taking care of me and the family. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best and expecting me to be the best. Thank you for always being a worthy priesthood holder and blessing our family because you are. Thank you for all the countless night of carrying me up to bed, staying up for me to make sure i got home safe, for the prayers, the blessings, the patients, the games you were at, the cheerleading events that you dreaded but always came and supported us girls at. Thank you for your unconditional love! None of us kids would be who we are or where we are if it weren't for you. You are not only the world greatest coach but more importantly you are the world greatest dad! Thank you and I love you!

Love this guy!