Sunday, December 12, 2010

My AmAzInG mOm!

I have the most incredible and amazing mom in the entire world! I am told pretty much by everyone that I am my mom's twin and act just like her....Corey is convinced that I am my mom's clone. The truth is that my mom is much prettier and better than I am, but I will not complain to be told that I am just like her, it is the greatest compliment in the world! My mom is my best friend and always has been! She was always there when I would come home from school, cheer, or work to scoop me up if something had happened or if I had a break down she was always there. Well somethings don't change, like my mom, because she is still there for all of my many breakdowns and is the shoulder for me to cry on. My goal has always been to be just like my mom. I have always said if I could be half the mom to my kids that my mom has been to me then i would consider myself pretty much perfect. You will never meet a more Christ like and selfless person than my mom. She is truly an angel sent from above and I"ve been the lucky one who gets to call her mom! I can't even count the number of nights that she stayed up with us kids because we were sick, or we were out on a date or at a basketball or football game either cheering or playing in it. No matter how many times or how many of us were sick mom never ever complained or seemed to get sick. Who could forget all the nights that us kids went to bed with a half finished school project and when we came down for breakfast it was completely done and a masterpiece!! Mom thank you for everything! You are the most amazing woman that i know and i am so blessed and grateful that I am your daughter. Thank you for choosing to be my mom and loving unconditionally. Thank you for never getting tired of me watching Beauty and the Beast everyday. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. Thank you for always comforting me with whatever drama was going on that day or week. Thank you for raising me in the gospel and being the perfect example of what and how a mom should be. Thank you for always saying guilty until proven know what i am talking about! Thank you for being worthy to be in the temple with me when i was sealed to the love of my life for time and all eternity, I will never forget the experience we had while in the brides room of the temple! I am so proud to be your daughter mom and I love you so much!! Happy Birfday!!
I Love you,
Britt, Belle, your favorite 2nd brown haired daughter, angel doll!
Birthday girl!


still so in love!

me, corey, brae, and champ

Kell and Brons

So we went to Texas Roadhouse for moms birthday and so she was the lucky enough to ride the Birthday saddle. The best thing about this picture is dad's face. I don't know who was more embarassed, my mom or him.

Gwama Renee

Me and mom, a little dark, you decide if we look a like!

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  1. Bahahaha!!! Your dads face!! He probably poop his pants alittle and was too embarassed to say anything. I love me some Aunt Renee. I love you too by the way. You. Are. Hot!