Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Okay so really quickly before I talk about Easter I thought I would put some pics of Corey's B-day party. For Corey's birthday I made dinner for mine and Corey's family, then we did dessert and invited some of our closest friends and our extended family members over to our house!! It was so much fun, we had a great time and are so grateful for our friends and family that came. What would we do without all of you?? We love you all so much!! xoxoxoxo

some of the party gang!!

Me and the birthday boy!! I just love him so much!

Me and my fabulous sister-in law! Melynne is pregnant!! yeah! She is having a boy and is due in August! We are so freaking excited! Every time I see her I have to go and touch her belly, I love it! She is seriously the cutest little pregnant woman ever!! Love you "lynneee"

Me and my best friend Shaylee Pulley! Me and Shay have been friends since Jr. High. We have seriously done pretty much everything together and have had way to many fun, crazy, and funny times/experiences! She is dating one of Corey's good friends Ryley Johnson and we are secretly hoping and praying that they get married!! We love them both so much!!

Me and 2 of my 3 sisters!! We miss you so much Bree and love you so much! Your the greatest!

Corey with his mom and papa!!

Corey opening his present from his parents!

present opening continued

Birthday Boy! Happy 23rd birthday babe! Love you!

Plowing out the candles

The birthday cake! So I made this better than "anything" cake basically so Corey could blow out some candles. But for Corey's real dessert I (with the help of my amazing mom) made Peach cobbler. Corey isn't a huge dessert or sweets kind of guy. He does however love peach cobbler, therefore that is what I made him!

Now onto .....


Okay so the Barron family has a lot of traditions and I absolutely love it. All growing up we always colored eggs, then the easter bunny would hide the eggs, and first thing Easter morning we would wake up and do a big Easter egg hunt. Well because half of us kids are grown up and married now, and it was Conference weekend we did things a little different. Now when I say different I am saying that instead of doing the easter egg hunt first thing in the morning we did it in between conference sessions. This year might have been one of the biggest Easter egg hunts ever done by the Bryan Barron family. We had a total of 54 eggs to find! :0 It was so much fun! All morning Corey had been talking trash that he was going to win, so my goal in this hunt was to make sure I beat Corey. And of course......we tied!! We both found 10 eggs! haha! So because we found 10 eggs (each) the Corey and Brittnee Hansen family took 1st place!! We won the Easter egg hunt! :) Corey was so Proud!! It was such a great Easter/Conference weekend. Conference weekend is by far one of my favorite weekends and time of the year. It just happened to be a bonus that it also got to be Easter weekend as well.

Our Easter basket from my mom and dad! Thanks mom and dad!! We love you guys so much! :)

Stretching before the big hunt!

My favorite and most incredible big brother Brigg a.k.a. "jose" stretching the "hamstrings" before the big hunt.

impressive stretching!

stretching continued

Pregnant Melynne stretching or atleast trying to haha

Me on the hunt

The end of the hunt! We are lined up in order of place taken in the race. 1st (winners) on the right (which is why me and Corey are standing there :)) and last (losers) going down to the left!! Don't worry guys you'll have next year!! :) Love you all!
Because Corey had the priesthood session on Saturday night Corey, me and my good friend Jenna colored Easter eggs on Friday night! Jenna is attending SUU right now and she was up for the weekend so she came out to see our house and then of course we had her stay to do Easter eggs with us!! We had a blast and we absolutely love Jenna and were so glad that she stayed and joined us!! Love ya girl!

Givin Core a kiss!

Holding up our eggs!

Me and Jen! Wanna kiss our "lucky eggs".......... :) Jenna is one of my bestest friends ever. We have now eachother since forever, we grew up in the same ward and have been neighbors our whole lives. I absolutely love her!

Our egg dye!

Corey dipping his egg

Me and Jen with our eggs!

All of our eggs!
We had such a great weekend! It is always great to spend time with both families and our good friends! And of course to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am so grateful for my savior and for his great sacrifice! And for the knowledge that I have because of it and him!! I hope that you all enjoyed this fabulous conference and Easter weekend. Much Love to you all!! XOXOXXOXO