Saturday, May 22, 2010

A much needed update!

So I have much to blog about!! April and May have been filled with fun vacations and outings!!! In April the girls (mom, me, brae, kell, shay, kori, and kierra) went down to VeGaS for cheer nationals. My mom owned a cheer gym call Flyerz, she just recently sold it and so it is now called TNT. However we went down as and for Flyerz!! They did absolutely amazing takin 1St place!! It was a bitter sweet vacation. Flyerz has been part of my life for 10 years, so in other words 1/2 of my life has been Flyerz. I cheered on the top team for 8 of the 10 years being national champions for almost all of those 8 years!! Flyerz has helped make me who I am today and I will be eternally grateful for the long hard hours and what seemed like endless practices, the tears, the pain, the soreness, the friends/friendships that were made and continue to remain!! We had so much fun as we partied and walked down the strip. Watching people who are totally drunk and out of it is truly amazing and entertaining. Honestly anything and everything goes in Vegas! My mom, me, and Shaylee (my best friend) were walking on the strip on Saturday afternoon when suddenly we noticed this guy following us. All of a sudden he come up to me and Shaylee and says "hey girls my name is so and so, I work over at the Jet Ladies Night Club and would really like to see you there tonight, I'll be working the front desk so just come up to me and I'll get you right in. Oh and don't worry I'll definitely remember you two!!" He then gave us a huge stack of cards to pass out to our "other girls". Me and Shaylee were like oh ya okay totally....not haah. We both started laughing as soon as he left. My mom was in amazement and then started laughing. Only in Vegas would that happen, me and Shaylee are even legal to do anything in Vegas......(both under 21). All of us girls had an absolutely fabulous!!! In conclusion all I can say is "I found it!""......."my ears hurt down here". :) Mom, kell, and Shaylee you know what I'm talking about!! I love you girls all so much!! Bree we absolutely missed you like crazy!! Love you!
Dear dear Kori what would we do with out you??? Love you soooooo much!! p.s. get up LiZa!!

repeat pic of last year!!

We are hot we know!! (my bff Shaylee)

don't even ask!! Bless our hearts hahahaha

Inside Cesars Palace! Shay, me, mom, and Brae


The GiRlS!!

National Champions!

The Flyerz originals (we are missing Bree, love you sis!!)

Barron girls minus Bree, once again we love you and missed you on our trip :(

Ben and Jerrys!! Right after me and Shaylee were stocked


So I got home from Vegas on Sunday then Corey and I left that Tuesday for Cancun!! :) In celebration of our 1 year anniversary!! Cancun was absolutely amazing! It was perfect weather, besides a huge tropical strom which lasted about 2 hours. It was so nice to just get away just the two of us. We stayed at an all inclusive resort called the RIU Palace Las Americans. Food and drinks unlimited!! :) Our resort was absolutely incredible. It was right on the beach and had every activity you could ever think of doing. One of the days we went to a place called Xelha and the ancient ruins called Tulum. Xelha is a natural tropical water aquarium. It was filled with millions of beautiful tropical fish, big sting rays, alligators, sharks, and baracudas...... Okay so not really sharks or alligators but our little tour guy told us that and I seriously almost died I told Corey that "we are NOT going snorkling!" Sharks have to be one of my biggest fears they totally scare me! Of course our tour guide was joking and Corey laughed at me! It was so fun to go snorkling, I have never snorkled before so honestly it was kind of weird at first. It was so hard for me not to breathe out of my nose haha I'll be honest I struggled the first little while. Then when it came to going in dark little caves I stayed out and Corey went in, yes I was scared! Right before we left Xelha we got our pictures taken with these huge beautiful birds and a tucan! I got to hold the tucan in one of them and then in the other we both held the bigger birds! Our next stop after Xelha was Tulum. Tulum was incredible. Like I said before Tulum is the Mayans ancient ruins. Tulum means "walled city" it has 3 walls one on the North, South, and West. The reason for there not being a wall on the East is because the East side just happens to be the ocean. As we walked into the city it was like the Book of Mormon came to life. It was absolutely incredible. It was interesting our tour guide asked us where we were from so we told him Utah. Of course the first words that came out of his mouth after that was oh so you are Mormons, or the LDS church. We smiled and said yes. Then he said that is so cool we have a lot of you people come here and ask for mormon guides because this has to do with like your religion. We just laughed but he was right. It would have been cool to have a LDS tour guide and see what he said and kind of get the Book of Mormon side of things. All in all we had an absolutely incredible time. From our virgin Strawberry/ Pina Coladas, to food, to Xelha and the ruins, and of course laying out on the beach, swimming in the ocean and the pool we was a perfect vacation and much needed!! (These obviously aren't our only pictures but if I was to put all of them on we'd be here forever, so here are just a few...enjoy!!)

A pretty sunset!

"Bubba Gump" need i say more?

The birds that we held

These huge lizard things were everywhere!

the StOrM!

the roads after the storm

in our bus on our way to Xelha/Tulum

Snorkling at Xelha


Main temple in Tulum

us on the ocean side of tulum
Core playin water volleyball

The beautiful ocean!

our resort

20 YeArS OlD!!!
The next day after returning from Cancun just happened to be my 20th birthday!! So yes Corey is no longer married to a teenager! :) He is absolutely thrilled and couldn't stop saying that all day! (craddle robber) :) I got fabulous gifts from everyone....Thank you all so much I love you!! It honestly feels so weird being 20, it makes me sound so old! Corey asked me when we first started looking for house 9 mo ago if I ever thought that by the time I was 19 that I would be married and lookin for a house. Of course I never ever thought any of that but I wouldn't change any of it. Now I look back and think wow I would've never thought that by the time that I turned 20 I would have been married for a year, worked as an MA for 2.5 years, and have built a home and become a home owner!....WhAt WaS i ThInKiNg??? haha No actually I couldn't imagine life being any different. Corey and I have truly been so very blessed in so many ways. I must say that I have been the most blessed because I have Corey as my husband and that is the greasted blessing in my life. If I didn't have anything else in my life except for the gospel, Corey, and family I would still be the happiest person in the world!
me and Corey

my incredible parents and I

Me and my two amazing and favorite brothers!

Kell, Melynne, Brae, and Me

The birthday gang!

All of us playing Croquet!

MY hot husband!