Tuesday, June 16, 2009


YEAH!! I am finally reunited with my amazing husband!! Who would have thought that being away from my husband for about 2 days would have been so hard?? Apparently not me, however i was wrong, it was a lot harder then I thought. I am definitely glad to be back at home with my husband. I can now just roll over in bed and cuddle with him instead of rolling over and not having anyone there besides my little sister Braelynn, who needless to say wasn't into cuddling with me :(, I don't know why she wouldn't?..... haha....... This past weekend I went down to Arizona for my cousin Kyles farewell. He is leaving to serve the lord for 2 years in Guadamala!! He did such an amazing job and I am really going to miss him. Lets just say that I cried like a little baby when I had to say goodbye to him! I am so proud of Kyle and his decision to serve a mission, I know that he will be an amazing missionary. The people in Guadamala are so lucky to have him as a missionary. My other cousin Whitney (kyles sis) blessed her sweet and beautiful little baby girl Presley Denise Vance. Presley is absolutely darling, she is a total Deering and i absolutely love her :) Arizona was way fun besides seeing the Deering fam, I got to see my older brother Brigg who i haven't seen for about 2 months since he and his wife Melynne left to go sell security systems in North Dakota. Brigg and I are so close and i absolutely love him and miss him so much. I seriously feel like he is on his mission again, it is terrible. And don't worry I once again cried when I had to say goodbye to him as well. Unfortunately his lovely wife Melynne wasn't able to make it but that is okay I still love her haha :) It was so awesome to have the whole family there together as we supported Kyle and Whitney. I truly am so grateful for my amazing family! I have been so blessed to be in and have the family that I do and even more blessed to have the husband that I have. Thank heavens Families are Forever!! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our First Time Away From Eachother!

This weekend Corey and I spent our first time away from each other since we have been married. :( I am not going to lie, not a big fan of being away from my husband, even if it is just for the weekend. I am definitely ready and excited to be reunited with my knight in shining armor :). Besides being away from my husband I had to fly BY MYSELF and i don't do things on my own very well or often. It scares me to death, so i was quite proud of my self and i think my husband was quite impressed as well. I even talked to the person next to me, pretty much the entire plane ride.