Sunday, November 29, 2009


I absolutely love this time of season!! I love all of the holidays and all the fun family time and memories that are made, it truly is the BEST!! This was Corey and I's first thanksgiving together! To be completely honest there was a time that I wondered if I was even going to be able to get to spend time with my husband on our first thanksgiving. Corey woke up bright and early and went duck hunting (which is his ultimate favorite) Then we went to the Hansens for our Thanksgiving Feast, Corey, Shad, and papa all were up on the roof of papa's new addition. Needless to say I think total hours I got to spend with Corey was about maybe 7 hours. However I am extremely thankful for the 7 hours that I got to spend with him.. Like I mentioned early we had Thanksgiving with my in-laws, the Hansens this year. It was so much fun, on Wednesday all of us Hansen girls got together and made our pies. Then Thursday at 3:00 we had our delicious Thanksgiving meal. I am so grateful for my wonderful in-laws and all that they have done and continue to do for me and Corey. We have been so blessed to have amazing families on both sides, we really are the luckiest couple in the entire world. I am even more thankful for my amazing husband. I am still trying to figure out how I got so lucky to get to have him as my husband. Corey is going straight to the celestial kingdom just because he married me and has to put up with all of my emotions and crap. I honestly could not have asked for a better husband and I am so thankful and glad that I get to be with him forever!! I love you so much Corey Jacob, you are the best!! :)

Our pies: Sha made a banna creme, Robin made pumpkin, I made a caramel apple creme, and Nat made an apple pie!!

Of course they were all delicious!!

My amazing sister in-law Sha and aunt Mary

The Hansen Girls: Robin,Mary, Me, Nat and Sha :)

Okay seriously they are the cutest! Papa and Mamma Hansen!! We love you :)

The Shad Hansen Family!

Baby Shadow, Nat and Shad

Me showing my love to Corey!! Like always :)

Me and Corey!! (Not the greatest pic, but oh well)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

True or False? Fact of Fiction?

Okay here is the scenario....
You are working at a Dr.s office and doing a H1N1 flu shot clinic. A family of 4 children come in to get their shots. The 3 youngest come back into the room with no problems and with no hesitation. The nurse #1 brings out 1 of the shots, the 2 oldest of the younger 3 run outside of the room saying "its a shot no way I'm not getting that, I'm out of here." So the mother says "Okay lets just do this little one and then I'll go out to the waiting room and grab the others." So the nurse #1 gives the youngest the shot and there are some tears for about 30 seconds but then the child is over it and is content with a sucker in the mouth. Mom goes out to grab the others and what does she find?...... No children whatsoever. Mom goes down stairs and outside, finds 2 children and brings them back upstairs. Screaming, crying, and fighting is what you not only see but can definitely hear. Mom is very upset carrying the children in by their arms, she sits them in the chairs and says "DONT move you are getting shots whether you like it or not!!" One just continues to scream and cry while getting the shot but is over it quickly, the other is fighting and throwing his body around making it almost impossible to give a shot. The child goes to kick the nurse #1, luckily she is quick enough to grab the leg and say "if you kick me this is going to be even worse" The child calms down enough and holds still just enough to get the shot and then is in tears yet again, but like the other sibilings he gets over it. Well wait isn't there 1 more child?? Yes indeed!! Mom goes to find the oldest of the 4 and amazingly enough she is no where to be found. Mom has looked outside, around the building, by the car, and still no sign of child #4. Mom comes back upstairs (to the 2nd floor) very, very upset and says "Well she is gone and is definitley grounded and I guess wont be getting it, I am so so sorry" Nurse #1 thinking at this point we have a missing child on our hands. Nurse #1 replies to the mother "well do you wanna go and look for her again and i'll watch the other 3" Mom says "i guess" Well why mom is out looking for the 2nd time for the oldest child another nurse (nurse #2) comes in the room. I explain the situation to her and she goes to check the stairwell to see if she is possibly hiding in there. While the other 3 are in the room still nurse #1 asks "boys do you know where your sister is and you are just not telling us" their reply "no, no we promise, she ran outside with us but we came back in, she is definitely in huge trouble and going to be grounded, yup so grounded" As the nurse looks out the window she sees and hears the mom say "well then you are staying here, you are not coming home, see ya" As the nurse looks behind the mom she sees the oldest screaming and crying "No mom No!" Well somehow the mom cornered the oldest grabs her and drags her back into the room. She comes to nurse #1 and asks "are you ready for this?" The nurse replies with 2 other nurses behind her "YuP!!" So the nurse grabs the girl sits down with her on her lap. The mom tries taking the jacket off and immediately the child starts biting her mom. Nurse #3 says "hey don't bite your mom." as she is holding the childs legs. So the child goes and grabs nurse #2's chest pretty much ripping it off. Well nurse #1 grabs the strong, extremely strong childs arms and what happens next is absolutely "UnBeLiEvAbLe" The child tries to bite nurse #1's hand and actually nicks her. Nurse #2 wasn't having any of that so she grabs the childs head and puts it back and says "DONT YOU BITE HER!!" As nurse #2 is very upset but somehow trying not to laugh haha :). Amazingly enough nurse #2 gives the shot and after the shot the child, who is still fighting and screaming, says "are you done, are you done?" Nurse #2 says, "yes so hold still I'm putting the bandaid on! and you need to stop screaming, you are scaring all the other little kids" The child says while screaming "I don't care" As the child screams the entire way out of the room, down the elevator, outside, and to the car, where the nurses could no longer hear her. The nurses sat there in amazement and shock trying to figure out if that had truly just happened??

So I ask you, is this story True or False?????
The answer..... This story could not be more TRUE!!! I was nurse #1 in this story and I am still trying to figure out if that really happened! For the rest of that day all we could is just laugh and keep telling the story to our other co-workers, who to be honest pretty much heard everything that happened! Lets just say there is never, ever a dull moment at a Pediatric office. Things like this happen all the time, now not even close to this extent, but they still happen! I must also say thank you to wonderful nurses #2 and #3, I truly couldn't have done it without you guys! I love ya!
So in conclusion....
Gandolfos breakfast deal: $5.00
Pedicure: $30.00
Taking your child to the doctors: $175.00
Chest grabbed and hand bitten: PRICELESS!! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Scripture study related to hunting???....Um NO!!

So Corey and I have a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon by Christmas!!! Yes I know that sounds crazy, I mean come on 10 pages in the scriptures a day, seriously?? Well yes and to be completely honest it hasn't been bad. It has been a great experience so far and even better that we get to do it together. So when I have my many questions, which I usually do, my amazing husband is there to help me out and to explain things to me. Now it is amazing to me however, that every single time we start reading Corey is suddenly tired haha oh and surprise most of the time i'm the one doing the reading, oh and surprise #2 my husband is now sleeping while I'm reading!! Thanks Love!! haha No, no I'm exaggerating (a little (really)) So last night as we are doing our scripture reading in 1 Nephi, it is Corey's turn to read and this is how he starts out "and it came to pass that they took their guns and went into the forests...." I totally believed it until the "guns" part. As we continue Corey comes across this scripture....."And it came to pass that we did take our bows and our arrows, and go forth into the wilderness to slay food for our families........we did pitch our tents for the space of time, that we might again rest ourselves and obtain food for our families" Of course this excited Corey and his reply "see babe I need to go hunting more so that I can get food for our family!" Yea nice try my dear sweet sweet Corey! Only my husband would get that out of our scripture reading. He is truly one of a kind, but I do love him more than anything!! Although we do have fun reading our scriptures, there are lots of things that have stood out to me while reading. The fact that the lord is so forgiving is absolutely amazing, the love that he must have for all of us to continue to forgive us is seriously so incredible to me. No matter how many times Laman and Lemuel go against Lehi, Nephi, and even the Lord, he still forgives them. The thing that has stood out the most to me thus far however is in 1 Nephi 15:8 when Nephi says "And I said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord?" It made me think do i "inquire" of the lord? Or do I just try to do everything myself? Do I go to the lord enough?? I think as humans we sometimes think that we are invincible and can do everything on our own and the truth is that we can't. Like Corey said to me the other night "we can do anything with the help of the lord and with the lord on our side" That statement is so true and I have never doubted it, but I know that I am not perfect and I forget this sometimes. There are days when I feel so over whelmed and think to myself that life couldn't be any harder. It is days like these that I need the lord the most and is when I need to and do turn to him. I am so grateful for the gospel and for the knowledge which it gives me. It truly is such a great blessing in my families life and especially mine! I can't even imagine where my family or I would be without it. My family has been through a good amount of trials in our lives, even very recently, but I can honestly say that through the gospel and the love of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and through family that we have made it through it and have been blessed and made stronger!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin carving, HaLlOwEeN, and of course..."Trick or Treat!!"

We had a lot of fun this past Halloween weekend. On friday night (30th) Corey and I carved pumpkins with my family. I am being completely honest when I say that our pumpkin totally and completely dominated the others :) :). Okay, okay so Brigg and Melynnes "crab" pumkin was impressive but still couldn't hold a candle to our DuCk, GuN and BuLlEt pumpkin!! (Don't worry guys there is always next year hehe :) ) On Halloween day we went over and had a delicious BBQ with my wonderful in-laws, and we also carved pumpkins, it truly was a lot of fun!! At the Hansens me and Corey's pumpkin was the headless horseman!! We simply drew it out by hand and then carved away. . . . . Okay so not really, we might of had a little bit of help with the paper that we traced but ya know. All of the pumpkins turned out way good and it was so fun being able to be with our families who we love so much!! Now a little background, every Halloween, ever since I can remember, so literally EVERY Halloween, my dad has always dressed up in his brown trench coat, one of my grandpas old hats and put a nylon over his face and then scares ALL, yes I mean ALL, of the little kids who come trick or treating. So this year my dad had a great plan. He decided that he would have Brigg, Corey, and Bronson help him out. They all dressed up and were stationed at certain spots in my parents front yard. My dad was by the front door (like always), Brigg and Bronson were at the end of the stairs, looking as if they were dummies, and Corey was in the back of his truck which was pulled in the driveway. Between the 4 of them they scared every single person who came to our house. Corey was almost beat by a mom, he scared 3 dads who were leaning up against his truck, and not to mention all of the poor little kids. My mom absolutely hates that my dad does this but my dad absolutely loves it. Why the boys are all out being mean and scaring, all of us girls have a fun time talking, eating candy, and usually will watch a scary movie. After all the scarying is done we all eat. A Barron family tradition is that we always have soup and "Barron supremes" on Halloween!! So like always that is what we had for dinner :). It was a great and fun weekend that we got to spend with our families. I love this time of year with all of the holidays and all of fun times and memories that come along with them along with all of the time that we get to spend with the people that mean the most to us, FaMiLy! We love you all so much and have truly been blessed to have the families that we have! Love you guys!! :)

Brigg, Melynne and their crab!

Our Pumpkin!

Dad and his pumpkin (with his trade mark..... EaRs)


Brae, and Kell

Brigg and Melynne :)


AHHH!! Scary (coreys in the mask)

mE aNd My HuBbY!!

Dad in his get up!

Brae and Corey (she really was scared)

Melynne and Brigg

Yummy yummy treats!! :)