Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Best Girl!

On Wednesday December 2, my beautiful niece turned 3!! It is weird to think that what came as a goregous 7lbs. 10 oz. and 19 in. long baby is now a big girl wearing "big girl panties!" I remeber being so excited to be the first person to hold this perfect little girl. Sophie has grown so much and to be honest it makes me sad, I feel like she is my own little girl! She has been such a great blessing in our family. She is definitely a "girly girl" and is our own little princess. Soph is such a little lady and even though she is not a baby anymore she is still so beautiful, like the day she was born if not more beautiful now! Sophie is definitley the boss of her younger brother M.J., even though he does weigh more than her and is pretty much her size. She knows every disney princess and all of the disney princess songs as well. She knows every word to "Best days of your life" by Kellie Pickler and "You belong with me" by Taylor Swift and she is not scared to sing it! Sophie has memorized almost every primary song her favorite being "I love to see the Temple." Soph has such a sweet spirit and a fun personality and very protective over her little brother (when they aren't fighting haha!) She has two of the greatest parents ever, my sister and brother in law have done such a great job in raising Sophie and I look up to them so much, hopefully I can be great parents like them. To celebrate Sophies Birthday we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Sophie was so cute opening her presents. She would open one look at it smile for a picture and be happy and then she was right on to the next present. It was so funny watching her, I think we were more excited to watch her open the presents than she was opening them!! So...
Happy Birthday Ponies!! I Love you so much!! xoxoxo

The Birthday Cake! My sister Breeann made this! She did a fabulous job!!

The Birthday Girl!!

My champion

Happy birthday to you.....


This is the face she made with every single present she opened!!

Opening uncle cowee and aunt nittnee's present! Hot pink, sparkley converse!! :)

PoLaR eXpReSs!!

On Tuesday the Hansen Family went on the Heber Creeper and did the Polar Express! We all wore matching pajama's (way to be thinkin me and Sha) :) (can I get a woot woot) The girls wore hot pink bottoms and the boys wore blueish bottoms. It was so much fun, we got hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie, we were also visited my Mrs. Claus and Santa, baby Shad wasn't to sure about Santa but what do you do??. We then got to read the Polar Express and sing Christmas Carols. Just in case any of you were wondering if my husband, Corey, is a christmas caroler, YES, he most definitely is :) and a good one might I add! haha We had a blast and like always, it is always great to spend time with the fam!!! Thanks momma and papa Hansen, We love you!!

All of us in our pajamas!!


being goofy

Aren't we cute?

Jake and Mary

Nat, baby Shadow, and Shad

momma and papa

Me and the beautiful Sha

Nice face babe

My turn with the face

Me and the most incredible husband in the world! I love you babe!

Baby Shad and Santa!

I love this pic! :)

Christmas Tree!

This past Sunday the whole family participated in putting up my parents Christmas tree. It is our family tradition to put up the tree the first sunday after Thanksgiving. After putting up the tree we always, and yes I mean we AlWaYs watch the movie Scrooge. I love that movie it is one of my favorites for many different reasons. It was a lot of fun being with the whole family and putting the tree up. It gets me so excited for Christmas, and even more excited to move into my house so I can put up my own christmas tree and decorate. :) We started something new this year as well, in the past, and all growing up, all of us kids would get presents for every sibiling. This year however we decided to draw names due to the size of our family, I think this will become a new tradition and I am very excited for it.
I saw Sophie kissing Santa Claus!!
My mom collects Santa's, so for her b-day Corey and I got her this huge Santa that is Sophies size. Well we getting dinner ready when we looked at Soph and got her full on kissing Santa, eyes closed and everything. Like her daddy says "she is such a girl!!"
We just Love her so much!!!
My AmAzInG older sister Breeann!

Brons, and Kell

Melynne (incredible sister in law)

Me and Core

Braelynn and Brons

Melynne and Brigg (a.k.a. Jose, my brother)

cHaMpIoN! (M.J.)

Grandpa (dad) helping Soph put the angel on the top of the tree!