Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bRiDaL vEiL fAlLs!

On Monday night Corey decided that he wanted to go for a drive up the Canyon. I was so pumped and excited because I absolutely love going on drives in the canyon plus I've been asking him for weeks now to go up there. Growing up we would go on family drives all of the time. We'd roll the windows down but still have blankets incase it got chilly, and listen to our family favorite songs....which usually meant my dad picked them and they were "oldies" but we love "oldies" so it was all good. So needless to say I was excited. Well before I know it we are getting on the freeway headed to Orem. So I asked Corey "aren't we going to the canyon" Corey "babe i just want you to sit there and not worry" so that is exactly what I did. (The whole time I'm thinking why don't we just go up AF canyon and around the loop and come out of Provo canyon, it just seemed to make more sense to me.) So we are now in Provo canyon and it comes to me, we are going to go to Bridal veil falls, he had mentioned hiking it about a week ago. I didn't say anything though I just waited until he pulled off and parked. So we get out of the car and Corey is pumped. I look at him and say "you realize we are both in flip flops right?" Yes me and my husband would both be in flip flops and don't think that would stop us from hiking up to the falls......It didn't! Luckily the hike isn't strenuous but I'm not going to lie it kind of freaked me out sliding rocks and flip flops just don't go together!! We then continued by walking across the freezing cold water and water falls to the other side. It was beautiful and was a lot of fun. I love doing things like that especially with Corey, I'm always up for an adventure and challenge.....obviously I married Corey! :) haha. No I love my husband more than anything and he really hasn't been a major challenge :) (he hasn't been one at all). I am sure I have been a much bigger challenge for him. Thanks for a fun night Corey! I love you!

Race #2

Corey had his 2nd race on saturday! He did really well, and was running a lot faster then the 1st. He ended up taking 5th because of a few brain farts in the final race, bu he can only get better from there. Corey is very competitive, however, I will say that I am so glad that he doesn't explode or freak out when he doesn't win. Of course he is disappointed but he continues to have a good attitude. I could definitely learn from him, I tend to not be so pleasant when I lose......must be a Barron thing :). I have to thank my brother in law Shad (and baby Shadow (nephew)) for coming out and helping Corey, he totally saved us. We would have been in big trouble if Corey had to rely on me because I don't know the first thing about his go-kart, not to mention it is pretty freaking heavy. So thank you Shad for not only coming out to support Corey but to help him out as well, we love you! Corey has about a month long break (hallelujiah) not that i don't love watching Corey because I do but it is seriously exhausting. I really shouldn't complain because Corey loves it and it makes him so happy :) plus he is really good at it, it could be a lot worse. I will give you the details and final results after our next race! :) p.s. I'll get some pics up soon :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last night me, my sister in law Sha and her best friend Tatum had a GiRlS nIgHt! It was so fun. Me and Sha were starving so we went to Zupas :) It was nice to just have some one on one time with my awesome lil sis Sha. After dinner we drove out to my house where we totally phsyced ourselves out when my door bell rang and we heared what sounded like one of my kitchen chairs sliding across the floor. Tatum came out a little later but when she got there we had to run to smiths (listening to 525,600 mins from Rent :) ) to get our "treats". Upon our return we attempted to make our own face masks. Needless to say it didn't quite work out the way it was supposed to haha. So instead we washed off the mask that was dripping down our faces and put on my "Mint Julip" mask. That worked out much better! The only thing with the "mint julip" is that it honestly gets so tight on your face that you can't smile or laugh, which was so freaking funny. Once our masks were on we watched The Time Travelers Wife, one of our favorites! I honestly love that movie!! It was so much fun! I absolutely love those 2 girls! There will definitely be more of those GiRlS nIgHtS!! Love you girls!! xoxo
(I do have to thank my amazing cousin Whitney Denise for introducing us Barron women to the "Mint Julip", Love you Whit)

Our mask ingredients

Sha trying to make our mask "fluffy"

Me using the blender, trying to make it "fluffy"

Tatum, Sha, and me attempting our first mask!


Mint Julips

Love it!

Sha and Tatum


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Kell!

Today my beautiful super model little sister turned 13 yrs. old!! I can't believe the Kell is already a teenager!! Braquell is one of the most incredible people that you will ever meet!! She is gorgeous on the outside and even more gorgeous on the inside! Once you get to know Braquell her true personality comes out and honestly I wish I had a personality like hers. She is absolutely hilarious and I love her so much! Braquell isn't just my little sister but one of my greatest friends and is one of the greatest friends you could ask for! I love you so much Braquell! I hope you know how truly incredible you are and how talented and gorgeous you are!! So many people look up to you and want to be just like you. I know that because I am one of them! Thank you so much for being my little sister and letting me be your big sister. I am so grateful for you and for all that you do for Corey and I. We are so lucky to have you as a sister. Our family would definitely be incomplete with out you! Happy Birthday, I love you "kelly manelly" xoxoxxo!

And so it BeGiNs!!

Corey's racing season officially started on Saturday!! So at the butt crack of dawn we were up and on the road to Tooele, where the wind never seems to NOT be blowing!! It is always fun to watch Corey race, even if it does make me so nervous and sick to my stomache the first couple of laps and of course the last 2 or 3 laps. I really do love it!! Corey did pretty good he says "I'm a little rusty so, this race is all about trial and error" Corey was running a little slower than usual but he still did pretty well and ended up finishing in 4th place. No matter how well Corey does or how high he places he always makes me proud!! It'll be exciting to see how Core does this year! We are excited for next year though because Corey's brother Ryan and good friend Grady will be back from there missions and hopefully back to racing as well!! I'm so proud of you babe!! Love you!

Corey in action!

Me and Corey. Honestly you can never look cute out at the track so please don't judge us by this not so cute picture!! Thanks so much!!

My hunk a burnin love!

Corey and Papa working on the kart!! When he isn't racing this is what they are doing! Thanks for your help Papa! We would be lost without you!

At the starting line. Waiting for the green!

The Kart!

Getting ready to head down to grid

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. We started it out by going shooting on Saturday with the Hansens! We love going shooting and we have been sad that the weather hasn't really allowed us to. So we were pumped to go on saturday even though it was a little windy it wasn't anything that we couldn't handle!! On Sunday we celebrated my amazing at Verdalee's birthday!! I love my aunt so much. She truly is incredible and has been a second mom to me and all of my siblings! Thank you for everything you have done and do for us aunt Verdalee, We love you so much!! On Monday (Memorial Day) it is tradition for all the Barrons to meet at my grandpas grave. We all meet there put flowers on the graves and then take a couple of pictures. Following the grave side my grandma always treats everyone to the one and only Chuck -A- Rama!! It is always fun to get the whole Barron family together and spend some time with one another. That afternoon we had a Hansen Family BBQ! The food was delicious like usual! We then went and visited Corey's uncles grave, grandma and grandpa Willsons grave (my mother in-laws parents) and then Great grandma/grandpa Willson grave. It was so nice to have a long weekend. Corey and I both needed it! It was also great to spend time with the ones that we love the most our families!

The Barrons! :)

Bryan Barron Family: missing Mike, Breeann, Sophie, and M.J. Bateman, and my older bro. Brigg!

Seriously look how cute my sister in law is!! I love her belly :)

Bryce Barron Family

My sweet Grandma!

Grandpa Barrons grave!

Shooting! :)

Corey and Shad

The lovely Sha! I love you girl!

Look at this mischeivious face! He is definitely a Hansen boy!

Shad, me, and Sha

Gangsta style

being goofy

I love this picture. The main reason is because the 1st time I ever went shooting was with Corey when we first started dating. He was so excited to take me! So he brought his camera and took all of these pictures. Well he had his sister Sha take a picture of both of us shooting very similar to this one. Then he went and got it framed and gave it to me as a gift. It was the sweetest thing ever!! I love it!


My incredible husband!



Our nephew "baby Shadow"